D’Iberville Cruises

Les Croisières d’Iberville
Since 2000

30 Minutes from Montreal (on the South Shore)


Cruise + Meal and Folk Singer (lunch or dinner)

A very popular cruise!

A 3 hour cruise where you will enjoy a delicious hot meal typical to the region to the sound of the best melodies of our folksinger.

Price: $ 88 per person. Taxes and service included.

Cruise & Brunch

2,5 hours cruise.

On the menu: Mimosa, scrambled eggs, maple ham, sausages, bacon, hash browns, baked beans, greaves, cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt, bread, unemployed pudding, coffee.

Price: $ 70 per person. Taxes and service included.


Cruise & Meal & Tea Room visit

1,5 hour Cruise followed by the service of the meal in a restaurant. Three menu choices. Continue the day with a visit and tasting in a Tea Room

Price: $ 68 per person. Taxes and service included.

 Cruise Tour of Isle aux Noix
(Walnut Island and its Historic Fort) 

See L’Île-aux-Noix in a new light!

Departure at the Ryan Wharf of Sabrevois (see map on contact page)

Take a cruise on Croisièrs d’Iberville, see the small islands, the South River, the birds!

A landscape visited by Champlain! (1600s French explorer and founder of Quebec City)

The only cruise departing from the Ryan Wharf in Sabrevois- built a 100 years ago, newly renovated.

Price: $ 70 per person, taxes and service included

Noyan: Cruise toward Lake Champlain 

Cruise from Sabrevois to Noyan

Cruise of 2,5 hours to discover the small islands surrounding the Île aux Noix. Admire the magnificent boats docked at the quay of the various marinas of St-Paul Île aux Noix, the nautical capital of Quebec.

Price: $ 55 per person. Taxes and service included.

Sabrevois Wharf

Historic Cruise and Meal at Auberge Handfield

Croisières d’Iberville and L’Auberge Handfield join to offer you a unique experience: in the footsteps of Champlain and the Patriots of 1837.

From the Auberge Handfield wharf in Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu l’Auberge Handfield , board Les Croisères d’Iberville and discover a piece of history on the only sea boat to sail on the Richelieu River.

Let us tell you about Champlain’s vision in 1609, his difficulties and his discoveries during his Richelieu climb that year. See the places, villages and churches where the Patriots took part in the events of 1837-1838.

Enjoy a table d’hote with local flavors served at the Auberge Handfield.

Price: $ 92 per person. Taxes and service included.

Cruise & Vineyard and Dinner and Dance 

2,5 hours cruise and evening with dancing dinner.

Price: $ 8 per person. Taxes and service included.

Patrimonial Cruise

A unique and unforgettable adventure in Quebec!

Full day between the towns of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and St-Ours (8 hours)

Let us tell you all the history of the Chambly Canal, the operation of locks and bridges, the history of our patriots. Our guides will offer you a journey through time.

Breakfast on board, lunch at the Fourquet fourchette restaurant in Chambly and dinner on St-Ours Island.

Return by bus.

Price: $ 199 per person. Taxes and service included.

Arrival at Saint-Ours for Dinner on the island.

Explorer Cruise

Start the day with a cruise followed by a meal in a restaurant.

Continue this day with a visit to one of the following sites :

  • Église de l’Acadie    L’Acadie Historic Church| Built in 1801 it is one of the monuments that best illustrates « the building abilities of our ancestors ».
  • Institut Feller in Saint Blaise | a unique place in the history of Quebec. Henriette Feller, a missionary who came from Switzerland in 1834 to found a Protestant mission whose main objective is to spread the Bible
  • The Tea Room
  • A vineyard of the region
  • Cider and Orchard Léo Boutin
  • The Chocolate FactoryPrice: $ 68 per person. Taxes and service included.

Beer & Cheese Cruise 

Cruise of two hours in the company of our specialist who will make you discover different accompaniments wines and cheeses

Price: $ 75 per person, taxes and service included

Wine and Cheese Cruise

3 hour cruise with our wine sommelier who will make you discover the different flavors of the wines and cheeses that he will have chosen especially for you.  6 wines, 6 cheeses, 2 pâtés and their accompaniments.

Price: $ 125 per person, taxes and service included

 VIP Private Cruise

Companies, clients, family and others

Original and surprisingly affordable!

The groups return because our service is impeccable, the atmosphere warm and family.

  • Turnkey
  • Bar with license on board
  • Catering available
  • Weddings

Theme Cruises

Wine & Cheese                                 

Visite historique du Fort Lennox Visit Fort Lennox

Auberge Handfield

Montgolfières  Hot Air Balloons                                                                                                       

Repas Chansonnier Folk Singer

Repas croisières  Cruise & Meal

Fort Chambly

Croisière à Chambly avec possibilité de repas et de visite du fort  Cruise and Visit Historic Fort Chambly

Croisière Manoir Rouville-Campbell Cruise


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